The First Hand In

It has been a busy start of Uni, after getting back from GameCity there was a lot of rushing about and sorting things out and sleeping to be done! The first project, a pretty hefty one, was due not long after our return and there was a lot of work to do.

It is all handed in now and the outcome is rather interesting I think, it didn’t come out the way I expected and did not have the foresight to track the progress on the blog, which will not be happening with the next project! This was the first one entitled G106939 – The World Viewed and Heard and was basically a team based animation project. Like I said a rather hefty one for the first term, but a good trial by fire too.

I was in a group with the other girls in the class having spent time with them at GameCity and us not quite sure of everyone else yet, it seemed to make sense. However as this was an animation unit I was not looking forward to the wonderful issues of video editing again, my weak area at college as the software never agreed with me – or the software never agreed with the computer. Yet it appeared that I had more experience in this area than my team mates and as the tech classes were a little quick to say the least it soon became a project where I was attempting to get After Effects and Premiere to listen to me again. Certainly learned a lot more about them this time around, and yet again had the lesson about project planning and time management as it was an intense crunch time near the end to say the least.

Anyway here is the final video that me, Niomi and Beth created:

It is a good attempt at the first brief I think, especially as we were all distracted by the start of Uni and getting to know each other and the equipment we have at Uni. (Nice shiny Boxx Workstations!) The original idea for the video was to have a more distinct art style governing it, so it looked more like traditional shadow puppet animation. However when there are three people with very different art styles and all three are also trying to get to grips with the software the style got lost a little. In the end time was also against us and things were missed or sacrificed to be able to meet the deadline which I am lead to believe is much like the games industry in some ways. 🙂


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