Idea 2 – Postcard of a Place

Initial Idea:

The second idea I had for this project was to base it on a place, a town/city and provide an interactive postcard for the user to explore to gain a sense of that place. I however didn’t want to just provide a tourist impression of somewhere but rather give it more of an intimate touch by providing an experience of a city as seen through someone that lives there.

I instantly thought of using Brighton, seeing as I used to live there so therefore have a lot of material of which to draw from, but also of its perceived reputation. It is seen as a holiday destination, a leisure place, not somewhere that people live in a day to day basis as such. There are plenty of businesses set up and around there, a fair few gaming ones at that too, yet the chances were high that there were times me and my friends were in a coffee shop or a pub we would be the only ones in there that lived there. 🙂

Developing the Idea:

The first thought was to create a series of images that appeared like postcards that the user could flick through like they were viewing a photo album, and within an image there would be hidden areas to find that would provide back story or information and sounds on that place. That way enabling the user to find out about the experiences within the city their own way and draw their own conclusions from it.

A postcard of a place, sketching out an idea.

An initial sketch of the postcard idea, to convey a sense of place via interactive postcards.

Yet I thought that this would be a little too lacking on interactivity and flair, it was then when I was using Google Maps to check some references for the idea that I realised that what Google has done with its and its user created content is create an interactive map of a place that allows people to glimpse a sense of it through images, videos, words and also the obvious one; street view.

It was that which gave me the possible idea to create something similar but using my own experiences as a base, create an interactive map for someone to explore to gain a sense of place as seen through my eyes. Would this lead them to have a similar impression as me or would the take it and form an impression of their own?

A map of places that have been lived in.

The idea would be to create a postcard/map that the user could interact with.

Analysis of Idea:
Yet there is one issue with this idea, the personal nature of it and the fact that is may not be relevant or understandable by others. It is also still within my comfort zone, and as part of this project I wanted to try something different. This would also require me to use music and imagery that had been created by others or of others, now while that is allowed for ‘educational purposes’ it still poses a question on copyright and permissions. It is something I try to bear in mind in any creative project, as fan use and homage usage is fair enough, but will not show off your true capabilities, not as much as something you haven’t done before. Which makes me re-consider this idea.