The First Presentation

First day back at Uni after the holidays and we have a presentation to pitch our ideas for the unit. I, as usual, go overboard it seems and created a quick Power Point to help present the ideas I had and show my final one. Mainly summarising the posts here really and also providing a static click through example of the interface I had in mind.

However it appears that I am still not very good at talking to a classroom full of people. I don’t understand it, I could talk people into buying things they didn’t come into buy in the store I used to work for, but can’t present ideas to a room full of eighteen year olds! To be fair I hadn’t run through what I was going to say enough times, and I left going up to near last which only added to my nerves. (Oh and for the record the selling was done under duress, I didn’t have that sleazy salesperson tongue!)

However the idea did seem to come across in my shaky voice and the tutor seemed to like it, and there weren’t too many objections in the class either. Although I was too nervous at this point to really take in what was being said. I need to learn to go first I am much better at talking before everyone else puts forward their ideas. 🙂

Anyway here is the presentation that I showed, hosted on Google Docs for ease of access:

The first page of a rough presentation.

A quick presentation to show the re-iteration of idea to the final project piece.

I do think that the idea is going to mutate a lot though due to time constraints and my skills in Flash I just hope that I can pull off something functional at least. I now need to look at how many weeks left I have and plan out my time as there is a lot of research that needs doing along with learning some Flash. For now though I am going to have a look through the tutorials online and go back to basics to give myself a true refresh on the program. Which will complement what we have been doing in class this week.