Initial Sketching

Small but good progress and one that has filled my confidence levels slightly too, has been made today. ๐Ÿ™‚

Today I have to admit I have mostly been working on the other unit we have, which is an essay, but that will have to be a separate post. However most of the afternoon has been spent in Photoshop, some getting used to it again, the rest actually having fun drawing in it, with reference of course.

A quick screen cap of 'painting' a possible face to use.

This initial sketch took a little longer than originally thought...

So far I have only done the lips and mouth area, it has also taken four hours to actually do, which is concerning I need to move quicker than that. However I am very proud of what I have done as I have always struggled with drawing lips, and this time it has come out rather nicely. I am closely using photographic reference though so it’s not free hand really, but still drawn by me and my little graphics tablet.

I have however made a rookie mistake and have started it in colour, what I should do it get it all done in grey-scale first and then use Photoshops tools to add colour. As that way at least the shading would be better and hopefully look right. But still this is pretty damn good from where I am sitting if I do say so myself seeing as I have never ‘painted’ like that in Photoshop before, only ever used it for editing and the basic sketching out for various college projects.

I am also happy with my workflow organisation as you can see in the layers, everything is organised in folders and then descriptively labelled which makes navigating the piece a lot easier. It is something I have done in the past, but never to this much detail, it does feel that the things I have learned over the years are sinking in and become second nature, rather than me muddling through.

Now I just need to apply this same organised approach to the overall project, as I still have yet to formally write down what I need to get done and how much time I have to get it done in. Everything is still in note (or bookmark – in regards to references) form, all of which is organised and understandable by me but not presentable to someone else, therefore not ready to hand in either.

So in terms of my check-list from yesterday nothing is ticked off as such, but a few things are halfway there,ย considerย the following underlined and nearly struck off the list.

  • Researching nature/nurture effects
  • Planning out the structure of events
  • Learning more about buttons and mouse roll overs in Flash
  • Creating a small demo with initial artwork