Snails Pace Progress

This project is taking a lot more out of me that I would like. I really have forgotten how much Flash is hard to learn and then even harder to master. I feel that I have done nothing in the last week, when in fact I have actually done quite a lot, it just doesn’t look like much.
I have been reading up on the nature nurture debate, there are some interesting things out there, mostly there are twin studies, which is understandable. However not all of them are pleasant reading. In saying that though I have still put off reading up on how to create by ‘bad guy’ through experience. I fear I maybe chickening out of that side of the project a little, but in saying that I am having such a hard time getting the code working…

Which brings me onto what has been causing most of the frustration, I have been reading up on ActionScript 3.0 from the Adobe website and occasionally some other YouTube videos of examples. However I am at the place I was when I was at Sussex, I know what I want to say in code I just don’t know how to say it. I do sometimes wonder if it is the dyslexic brain that I have getting in my way sometimes, as it is taking long enough just for the most simple of things to stick in my head when it comes to Flash. That or I am just getting stressed over this project as I have most definitely bitten off more than I can chew.

However I did spend most of today trying to get something up an running in Flash at the very least. I have penned out on paper how I think the set up should be, so I can figure out how many ‘Experiences/Memories’ need to be written and how many different faces need to be drawn. As it stands however it appears that my idea might need changing slightly so that I can still fit a narrative with choice into the restrictions I have in terms of lack of coding knowledge. I would hate to compromise over this, however time is running out and I have spent too long trying to re-learn the software, subsequently shooting myself in the foot.

Anyway here is the small little demo/idea as it stands:

The buttons do not go anywhere yet, and there is still no face or text, I am however proud of the fact that I managed to get the buttons doing what I want them to do. Something that didn’t take that long to be honest, after I’d realised a few things that I had been missing the last time I tried to do something like this. I am also rather pleased with the little blue synapses darting back and forth on the brain. It may not be that noticeable but I thought it made a nice little touch and made the image a little less…well static to be honest.

So overall I am progressing, just not at a speed I would like and am still behind on actual work, too much theory not enough practical. At the very least I should be able to hand in a demo for the idea that I had if nothing else.