Research and Imagery

So the Flash is not progressing as quickly or in the direction I would like, so I have been working on the documentation a bit more and trying to get it into a readable format rather than a collection of references and ideas all jumbled. There are references for the design and idea for the interface, some that were found after my initial sketches which turned out to be a little similar. I have also been looking into different psychological studies and research to help develop the back story.

The idea is that there are experiences that are important in forming the personality of a person, that it shapes who they will become. Of course this is an ongoing process throughout life, but there are pivotal points in childhood that are said to have a profound effect on the structure of that personality. A lot of this is still up for debate as there is a lot of studies being done to this day as the inner workings of the mind and there is still no definitive map.

There was also a timely mini-series on BBC Four entitled The Brain a Secret History; which went over a lot of things that came in handy. Some of the studies were the ones I studied at A Level and it was quite nice to return to some of them as more data has been made available or new information has come to light over the years about the studies. That and some of them not enough detail was provided and there are some disturbing things done to people in the name of psychology back when it wasn’t regulated by an ethics committee.
Anyway I also found some interesting examples of the interface idea I had, again on the BBC website, they have an interactive Brain Map which is flash based and takes you on a tour of the brain and via clicking on the different areas. Alas it was not possible to look at the code for this, as that would have helped a lot more.

I also had to rethink my plans of having a ‘painted’ effect for the main character, as with time running out there was not enough time to get as many images needed to a high enough standard. So instead I am using Photoshop for what it was originally designed for and am editing a photo of one person to look like five, but remain recognisable as the same person.

Going from left to right is the ‘bad guy’ the ‘normal’ and the ‘good guy’.

The idea was to play on stereotypes slightly as it is what a lot of games do, as it is a quick way to convey an idea to someone. It is not something I like to do normally, as there is always more than meets the eye, but for the time scale I have now and the message I need to convey a stereotype becomes useful. So for example the ‘bad guy’ isn’t a bad guys due to the way he looks and was therefore treated as one, it is due to his past experiences contributing to his gaunt features and poor skin complexion.

Anyway I am running out of time for this project now, and have a lot of work to do still, I am sad that it is not turning out as I would have liked, but at the same time I feel I am getting a lot of practice at documentation. I certainly know the ins and outs of Word a lot more know. Also due to the trial and error of trying to get things to work on this blog as and when I make them, such as the .swf files I have had a nice refresh on HTML also.

So even if the project does not come together and all I have is a small prototype to hand in, I can at least say I have learnt a lot, and not just related to the core of the project.