Submitted Work

Well that was that, everything has been handed in now and I just have to hope for the best when it comes to the marks. I am disappointed that the tech didn’t work, but I am hoping that my documentation will help back up what I was trying to do if nothing else. Here is a brief example of one of the pages from the design document, which became rather long and detailed in the end.

Screen cap of one page from the design document.

Working out the story segments and their combinations.

As for the presentation I once again fell into the trap of becoming too nervous, I have to start volunteering to go first as I think that may help and at least that way I will get it over and done with! It is strange though as I am often fine with publish speaking, after six years in retail and many busy Christmases it did start to come naturally. I guess I am just out of practice having not done this sort of thing for over year. The one thing that has not changed with my speech though is the speed at which is appears to escape me, that is something I’ve got to work on!

In the end though I am proud of this project and I would love to explore it further, however I do not have the coding knowledge to develop it. I am sure that given enough time and motivation to learn the code I am more than capable of getting something working that would be closer to my original idea, however they are two things I do not have. We now have two weeks off from Uni, a reading week/semester break/marking catch up time really, and this would be the perfect opportunity to maybe polish this project idea off while it is still fresh in my mind. Yet something tells me I am going to be busy in the next two weeks if not from the next project but other things brewing that need my attention. I also don’t have the motivation to learn the coding behind it all, as I have tried that once before in a degree and I was fine with the theory and the basics it just started to fall apart when I was doing anything more complicated. Trying to generate the code to create what is essentially a multipath interactive storybook counts at complicated.

Here’s to the next project though, a documentation one no less, at least I have some practice in it this time both past and present. 🙂 After keeping up the blog more regularly as well I have certainly refreshed my memory on html and website coding.