The Start of Projects

The start of a new semester and the start of two new modules, although it already feels like we are doing three as we are now modelling in Maya during the tech sessions. This is a good thing though as I have been looking forward to learning Maya, 3DS Max never quite agreed with me in college. Although I did find it amusing that the first thing we were asked to model was a toy train, that took me back a few years. I also surprised myself by being able to quickly get a small model of a toy train in Maya without reference material. I put it down to the train modelling project back in 2007 being very much stuck in my mind for eternity. 🙂

I do however realise that Maya is very different that 3DS Max and a lot more powerful than 3DS Max 9 that I was working with back then, so there is a lot to learn, as well as getting used to a different interface. I have got to resist the temptation to use Maya in the current project for the other modules as I need to stick to what I know in this one I think as it’s a big one. Yet it is really nice to be using a 3D package again, it was never my strong point in college but then I never gave my all to it, so this time I want to see how far I can push myself with it as I am quite proud of this little train model I created in the first lesson.

We are however starting two new modules which will require more work and input than the tech lessons they are: G106941 – Mapping, Mining, Pitching, Planning and G106143 Games Studies 2, one a handful to say and the other a handful of weekly work! 🙂

I have to say it is rather a juggling act with these two and even a week and half in I have already gotten the reading material for them mixed up once as some of the subjects are overlapping as the emphasis this term in on producing design documents. For which I have done briefly at college and sort of ended up doing in the last module as the tech didn’t quite work out, but I got good marks for that for which I am pleased I just need to ensure that I keep up the standard I have been producing. Although I still feel that I could have done a lot better on the last project in terms of the design document, as at the end of the day it was a little rushed due to spending too much time with the tech.

These are the kind of subjects that I like sinking my teeth into and it is also the type of work that I was missing dearly while at Sussex Uni, so I am overjoyed with a challenge like this. However as the modules are rather similar it’s going to be a mission keeping them separate in my head and more importantly the work separate. So from now on there will be alternating posts regarding the two modules, please use the tag cloud for navigation if necessary.