Mood Board of Games

Work has been a little slow this week in regards to this project, mainly due to lack of inspiration which has a knock on effect on motivation. So instead of concentrating on fleshing out the game idea more I have decided to gather some mood boards.
The first one being a collection of games that I have either played, know of or have found through research undertaken for this project. There are some games that I have played in the past that I didn’t realise were influencing me with some of the vague ideas I had for gameplay mechanics. Things such as ‘Kuri Kuri Kurin’ which I picked up for the GBA many years ago, to this day I have not completed though as the last level is the trickiest reaction based puzzle/maze I have come across. However I am saying this with a fair few years of hindsight…

Anyway here is the collection of games with my notes about them:
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