Mood Board of Victorian Games/Toys

This is a continuation from my other post where I stated that I was having trouble forming my idea past the initial thoughts on it. Having already investigated other games I have also looked at games and toys available to the Victorians. This is a mood board, with references, detailing the main ones that gave me the idea for this project.

I have to say that I was quite intrigued about the Pigs in Clover game that originated in America during Queen Victoria’s reign. That fact that it was also described to be so popular that people would be playing it at work and demand outstripped supply. It made me think of how people play/use things like the Nintendo DS and the iPhone today. Yet to think that this Pigs in Clover, a ball and maze game, had a similar effect back then when today simple versions of it are found in Christmas crackers…

Anyway here is the collection of information about Pigs in Clover and the Spinning Top – a toy that does not have any recorded origins as it is so old, but it was especially popular amongst Victorian children. It is also something that has many modern iterations today, from cartoon series’ being based on the battling side of the game to people attaching LED lights to a spinning top; therefore creating some interesting effects.

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