Mood Board of Victorian Buildings

As the game will be in a top down view of something travelling through Victorian Britain I needed to do some research into the architecture of that time. Of course the Victorian era was long and it spanned most of the world, the level of ingenuity and engineering progression during this time also meant that the buildings being produced were either extravagant or very impressive. Also due to the era last for a few decades times changed and buildings are also subject to fashion trends it would be too involved to go into too much detail. Especially as the buildings may end up being rather stylised to suit the gameplay/art style anyway; so I decided to look at some of the iconic buildings from the time period as well as examples of what other countries were also building yet are still referred to as Victorian.

This is only a small selection here to give me a starting point and an idea of what I am looking for, one thing I can’t help but note is the use of glass and iron work from this era. I am more aware of these structures due to the many train stations across the country being build in or around that time with the vast iron arches being the main staple of the design. As not only have I been to many of these stations and spent countless hours waiting for trains at them I also grew to appreciate them for their engineering accomplishments thanks to my grandfathers interest in the engineering of structures and the Age of Steam. I fear this may translate into concept pieces I will be drawing for the design document, however I do think this may be an advantage as this design is generally perceived to be Victorian. To play on pre-conceived ideas about the time period can work well in terms of this game also as it will help define the style and setting for the player without having to explain in great detail and allow for it to be more subtle.

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