Mood Board of Victorian Styles

The last mood board was all about Victorian buildings, the last one however it a small collection of images and colours to help keep the artwork and game style distinctly Victorian. One book has proved very useful for this purpose: ‘What the Victorians Did For Us‘; it’s based on a TV series of the same name broadcast on BBC 2 back in 2001. However there are also some really useful web pages out there, yet as I have already mentioned there is a small issue of the Victorian era not being very small. So I shall have to rely in part on the stereo-types of the time to convey some of the style I think. Anyway here is the small collection of ‘Victoriana’:

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Overall I now have done a lot of research had have a lot of material to draw from, I also have lots of ideas rolling around in my head about the game and I fear that the exact mechanics may change around a bit as I sort and test things out. I think I have a good idea though I just hope I can express it well enough as so far when I have been trying to get it down onto paper it is not coming out the way I see it in my head.