Sketching Out An Idea

In the last couple of days I have been just roughly sketching out ideas, the research and mood boards fresh in my mind and scattered about has helped provide some interesting concepts. Also I have been watching ‘North and South’ a BBC period drama set in the Victorian era and based around the industrial north area of England. It is an adaptation of a book by the same name written by Elizabeth Gaskell and was first published in 1855, the author enjoyed writing about her time period and to this day historians refer to her books as some were a careful commentary of the social structure of society at the time. I have to admit that some of the themes and designs are probably going to bleed into my work, which may not be a bad things as at least the BBC put a fair amount of research into their set designs when doing drama’s like this. (Pride and Prejudice not withstanding as that was a far more fanciful take on the original Jane Austen story.)

Anyway here are the some samples of the drawings that have the key ideas on them:

A very quick sketch of the idea.A bit more text than sketches here as I was having ideas faster than I can sketch them out, so ended up jotting down notes to remind myself about the ideas that I was having. The key thing here was realising that level progression can involve upgrades to the spinning top at the same time.

The best bit: The guy in the hat...After thinking about the level progression I started to mull over the idea of having a story as the back drop as well as the puzzles becoming increasingly more challenging. Which is where the idea of using an inventor type character as the driving force behind this and it was up to the player to help this character with this new invention.

Eyes or moustache that is the question...The other side of the page….the trouble with sketch books at times is that I keep coming back to the same page and adding stuff later or switching between pages. These previous two scans are evidence of that…it works for me when hashing out ideas, but I fear that is does not show linier idea iteration very well. Maybe this is something I need to work on….
Anyway I think I prefer the first sketched out character idea rather than the one on this page, there is something amusing about seeing the hat with just a moustache coming out of it. This also lends itself more to the abstract style that I am falling into when trying to portray the technology progression of the spinning top.



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