Finding a Resolution

A quick update to mention that I have been looking into the desired platform for my game…as I have an Android phone and the Developer Kit I was looking into that primarily as I could always mock up art work and then see what it would be like on the phone screen. It’s a way of testing out level ideas to see if they are viable on the small screen without or without zoom functionality and such. I am unsure if I will manage this as I am losing time already it feels, but I think I should at least keep this into consideration as there is one thing that I have learnt as a game player is that it is frustrating to play a game where it is obvious that the designer did not have the platform for which it is realised on in mind when developing it.

Actual Size (5px Black Boarder included) Information Source: Android Developers

I decided to use the ‘normal’ screen as that is the average size of the smart phones running Android. However I did discover that the Android system handles resolutions in a different way to what I have come across before. I assume it is due to the fact that there are many different sized devices running it, so from a coding sense what they have done makes it easier.

From what I understand from reading the article linked to above applications running on Android do not use resolution in the same way as say Photoshop…instead things are done in relation to each other. My only comparison to understanding this is the way in which you can create resizable web page elements in CSS by specifying “em” rather than pixel width. So for example a menu bar will be told what size it has to be in percentage relation to the rest of the screen, using the “em” suffix rather than “px”. I may have this totally wrong, but is has caught my eye and I might look into this further, but right now it is not important for the rest of the project. I have decided on the phone screen scale that I shall be creating art assets for so as to hopefully better portray the idea through mock up screens.

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