The Main Character

The main character idea sketches.

Firstly I have got to stop staying up this late…secondly I started to play about with the main character a little bit in Photoshop. I decided to go with the moustache guy in the end…he needs more work, but for now I think I like him.

A quick sketch and colour drawing for the main character, the driving force behind the storyline.

I have to admit I did pay more attention to my resource material when sketching him out in Photoshop, that and I was watching the last episode of โ€˜North and Southโ€™ paying close attention to the clothing this time. As there was a lot of formal wear on show due to some of the plot developments.

Anyway I really need to get some sleep now after that as I did not realise the time as I was sketching out that large beard…and I have just noticed that he has very red hair. Not sure where that came from now I come to think of it will have to review after a good nightโ€™s sleep.


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