The One Week Project

A rough sketch of the log in screen.

There is a small problem with doing different projects at the same time as they make creating blog posts that read as an overall whole when looked at in date order rather hard to write. So I have re-arranged the ‘Categories’ section on the right hand side bar to make life a bit easier so projects can be read through in their entirety rather than some cropping up during other projects. Which in this case is a small one week concept design document project that we were set one week ago. It was an interesting one to say the least and it was also a tough one to get done for me as I had a lot going on that week…

This was the brief:

Produce a High concept pitch for the Sellafield Nuclear Reactor.

This pitch should show the company in a positive light regardless of your feelings about nuclear power. The scale of the project is boundless and may include social gaming aspects, however a playable web prescence is expected.

The pitch should be professionally presented in week 4.
In week 4 student teams will deliver a 10 minute presentation to the group for discussion.


Please use the Concept Documentation template, from SCEE, below.

This should be uploaded to Moodle by the appointed team leader with the names of all participating students.

This is worth 20% of your final mark.

I would like to note here that the tutor wrote this brief before the earthquake in Japan.

Anyway here is the final design document that was created by me, Chad and Nathan (who currently don’t have blogs to link to I’m afraid):

[gview height=”870″ file=””%5D

Overall the end result was a rather rushed job, however the idea was solid I think so I hope it is marked on that. One of the other teams in the class had the best presentation though…I wonder what we could have achieved if we had all teamed together? 🙂

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