Spinning Top Sketches

Right so I really am lacking in visuals for this project again, something that I need to work on, but at the moment I do not have the time. So I tried to rectify that by drawing straight into Photoshop with my old graphics tablet. These are the result, a String Top, a Horse Top and a Steam Top:

They were done using the colour palette from the Victorian House Restoration Company, yet I donโ€™t think it does and they are certainly not stylised in anyway so far. But I needed to give it a go, at least from drawing Spinning Tops in margins and doodling them while on hold on the phone (something I seem to be doing a lot lately in an effort to sort things out.) I appear to have consistent features as I am drawing them without thinking such as the wooden base and brass ball and the bottom; and each time I draw out the String Top it is looking more and more like a cotton reel…

I need to start getting more exact gameplay ideas down in words though, something I still havenโ€™t done fully yet. So I think I shall concentrate on getting a quick High Concept document done so as to lay out the ideas and provide myself with reference too.


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