Placing Powerups

Right well the presentation did not go as planned, I got too nervous, was not prepared and of course did not quite have enough to actually present. Or at least it felt that way. I did however ironically finalise the power-ups when I got home as that was one thing I didn’t manage to iron out while writing the very rough High Concept document.

Sketching out buildings and ideas.

While thinking about the track placing puzzle aspect I realised that it was adding in a style of game play that I had not previously thoughts about in detail or had researched. It started to make the game more like ‘Pipe Mania’ which is what I was originally trying to avoid. Also I have found that the more I draw on graph paper the more I feel like I am being inspired by ‘Polarium’ a game on the DS that I played a lot when it first came out.

I then realised that the idea came from thinking about trains and toy trains – having used some for reference for the Steam Top – when I realised that what I was thinking about was the wooden railway I used to have as a child.

BRIO Wooden Railway (

Sketches of track and power up ideas.

My sketches of track were something that was bugging me and after I realised that I was almost unconsciously thinking about that old wooden railway I realised that I could set the track out into different sections. Have upgrades from the basic pieces that would coincide with the progression of the game levels.

This did however mean I have more work to do now to sketch out and decide exactly what track pieces are going to be available when. I just wished I had noticed this earlier, it’s going to be a rush to get all this done in time I fear.

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