Presenting Problems

Right well my weekend has not gone to plan as I was hoping to spent a lot more time on finalising ideas that I had not quite managed to do yet – which means I wish I had got them out onto paper rather than knocking about in my head. I also feel horribly unprepared for the presentation tomorrow which is making me even more nervous…what’s worse is that it is currently 2am in the morning so I will be tired and nervous and will have had no practice!

Anyway I have spent most of today trying to get the presentation together which has resulted in the creation of the High Concept document from the previous post and also these mock-up screens – which I wanted to elaborate on:

A quick Photoshop mock up of the title screen.

A quick level layout mock up.

All I did here was create some very simple buildings and cloned them, placed them on a plane and built a wall, a scattering of light later I rendered out this shot. I am still not sure to be honest…the idea would be that as you tilt the screen you would see more of the building as things would be rendered in 3D.


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