Game Design Document

So over the past few days I have been putting together the final document, I am condensing about a week’s worth of work into about three days here. This has meant a lot of coffee and not very much sleep, but due to the personal life distractions during the course of this project it was something I was not going to avoid. At least I have had a fair amount of practice putting together design documents from previous units and from projects at college – with a few ones just for fun thrown in too. I do regret not starting this sooner as I have become a victim of my own perfection, as I did not want to start the final document until I had every idea sketched out or written out. Which ironically is what the final document is, I just hate reading and re-reading drafts as I never spot all the mistakes. But anyway it is a rather large document and I have also used a lot of what I learned while creating this Dev Diary to lay it out in what I hope it a good way. I have found out so much more about Word these past few days and am so thankful for the automatic table of contents that Word generates from the headings of each section. Although it is not the prettiest contents page as I have not figured out how to customise it yet without Word making me do it all manually – which would have taken a while. As I learned that you can create bookmarks so that the headings on the contents page can be linked to that section in the document; this click through feature has saved a lot of time when it came to editing and adding to the document over all. (Or at the very least saved wear and tear on my mouse scroll wheel!)

Anyway I have spent the last few hours getting one of the last pieces of sketching out that I did on some scrap paper into the final document. I am not going to include the original diagram here as it is very unreadable, but I am quite proud of the overall result that I got from Word:

Visual guide for the menu system. (Click to enlarge.)

It is the menu system layout for the game as started from the Title screen – I loved figuring it all out, a throw back from being on the programming course and it gives me a chance to think things though. I am not happy with the overall visual style though, and it could do with some colour in my opinion to perhaps make things clearer and I did have to squish things in so they would fit onto the page. I know Word is capable of creating something similar to what I originally had in mind; I have seen my sister’s scientific documents contain some really impressive diagrams created purely in Word. I however do not have the time to learn more about this right now so this one will have to do, but I am now considering looking into what Word can do like this in more depth so I can apply it in the next project.

Anyway I am writing this with still a small section of the final document still left to finish, am cutting it a bit fine right now…. After that last section is done though all I have left to do is the post mortem and perhaps look at some of the artwork again. As at present I am not happy with my art assets as not only have I not done enough of them what I have got is of poor quality, but I am just going to have to put that down to lack of time spent due to the interesting times that have occurred and ensure that my next project is a darn sight more visual.


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