So…How Did it Go?

The Post Mortem

This project has been an interesting one to say the least, I was very happy with the brief as violent games and films arenโ€™t my thing anyway. I was also happy to be basing it on a period in history, a subject I have always enjoyed, so it was also nice to be able to choose the Victorian era as it was always one of fascination to me. That and my childhood home was a late Victorian house along with my primary school, so I had lots of inspiration having been surrounded by Victorian architecture and therefore learning more about the era in my own time as I was growing up.

However not being able to fully finalise a cohesive idea early on in the project time scale has proved to be a small downfall to the full realisation of the project. I almost had too many ideas to begin with and I was keen to incorporate many of them, I also wanted to ensure that I was covering every little detail down to the platform of development and hoped to have a mock-up on my phone to show. Having those grand plans is one thing, but realising them is another. I have managed to describe a game idea that I am happy with in the final design document, only time will tell if I have managed to convey my idea well enough though. I like the game enough to want to actually see it as a full game and have it on my phone, but I maybe slightly biased about that.

Yet poor project planning and working on my own again has meant that I have not had enough time to fully realise the project and complete the design document with enough polish and artwork as I would have liked and that I know I am capable of. I am naturally rather organised, but when I am thrown off course from what I have planned I do seem to flounder slightly and that is what has happened here to such a degree that I have produced a rather rushed outcome.

If given the chance to do this project over again I would stick with my original idea, and team up with someone with stronger art skills than myself willing to work on this project so it can be fully realised. I would then have been able to figure out the tech side a bit more and see if I could get a simple prototype working on a phone. I am not a coder but I do enjoy the puzzle of working out how it could be achieved if a coder was involved. I am leaning more to the organisation of projects and the presentation of it than I am the content, bar the original idea, at the moment.

Overall though I am pleased with what I have achieved with the time that I have spent on this, which due to various reasons, was about half of the time than was actually allocated for it. Again I have learnt that poor project management leads to poor performance, which I feel I have done here as I always feel that I can do better.


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