Practising With Maya

It is the start of the holidays, yet there is a lot of work to do, which also means there are a lot of distractions as well. Which is quite annoying, but that’s life. I have decided to practice in Maya this week as I am still unsure of the program and due to stresses outside of Uni I have fallen behind in the tech classes. I have done modelling before in 3DS Max at college so I am semi-confident, otherwise I wouldn’t have created a small train within one lesson in Maya. However I am starting to get to the point where I know what I want and need to do to create a model however I don’t know how to do it in Maya as I am still getting used to the interface.

As I am also feeling a little uninspired at the moment for character designs (think I may have used up my muse last week!) I decided to get some practice it by trying to create a stand primitives character out of an existing game character that I know well.

I decided to concentrate on standard primitives as the brief and instructions in lectures on creating a low poly character have been conflicting, so I am playing it safe by choosing to go with the second option. Yet also I think it will result in a more enjoyable design experience for me seeing as how much I enjoyed creating things out of set typeface shapes.

Task (for next week):

Design, construct and rig a suitably animatable character using either:

  • a) low-poly modelling techniques, with a maximum count of 500 polygons, or;
  • b) geometric primitives only (spheres, cubes, cylinders, pyramids, torus’s etc.).

So I have decided to model NiGHTS from the old Saturn game by Sega in standard primitives, which is further aided by the fact that I have images of the character from every angle.

All angles for the character from the game CD.

This way I am not only using a character that I am already very familiar I will also be getting used to creating things in Maya and hopefully also kick start my imagination again; as this game is one that not only has a lot of nostalgia related to it for me, but has in the past proved to be a good inspiration for me.