Taking Too Long a Break

Well that was not the most productive of holidays ever in regards to Uni work, as I have spent far too much time chilling, hanging out with old friends and trying to shed my monitor tan with a real one! I have however spent some of the time sketching and trying to let character ideas brew in my head.

I have been having a tough time trying to come up with something, the NiGHTS deconstruct didn’t quite work in Maya in the end as I am still not comfortable using Maya and the deadline is fast approaching for the next hand in. Thankfully we have a small extension otherwise I would not be able to get anything in; it’s going to be a busy few days now.

I did however start the sketches for deconstructing NiGHTS into standard primitives over the holidays, and felt that I was starting to create a different character all together. More accurately it’s the myths and power of dreams and imagination that has been an influence on me since I was small. This game is just another part of that as it explores the reasons behind good and bad dreams etc.

Creating NiGHTS from standard primitives

Yet at present I feel like continuing on with the Kiwi character as it is not only simple to create but possible simple to animate. However I don’t think I can convey enough character through it – I have a game mechanic in mind as I can always re-use the game I did in college; where the aim was to guide the Kiwi through the streets of Auckland.

Creating a Kiwi from standard primitives

Overall though I am still unsure what I want to do right now with this project, I was looking forward to it and I was also hoping to get my teeth into Maya more than I have. However so far I have found the interface overwhelming and frustrating as I know what I want to do and can do it in the old version of 3DS Max that I was used to. Yet I can’t seem to get a straight answer in the tech classes sometimes for transferring those skills into Maya. As always time is against me and I need to focus on the task at hand rather than take risks and experiment. Certainly don’t have time to experiment with this character like it did for the typography part of this project.


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