Creating a Character

In trying to think of a character that isn’t the Kiwi I decided to collect together some of the things that I have been watching/playing/thinking about recently for inspiration. So I put together this small mood board to gain some inspiration.

Influences and Inspirations

A lot of it is from things that are surrounding my computer desk, such as the small statue of Deadmau5 and the vase of bluebells. The other things are books/games/DVD’s on shelves in my room, all in all lots of things to draw inspiration from. So I started sketching today and am thinking about a character that is there and not there at the same time. Something that exists in the corner of your eye in the time between dreaming and awake….yet it has to be made out of standard primitive; which should prove an interesting task to create something ethereal out of shapes that are seen as primary and blocky.

This was the original character sketch:

Sketching out ideas...

I think that using any of the shapes with sharp corners distracts from the overall feel of the character…yet I really like the way that the legs are working out; the cones and sphere combo that is. Yet it is very reminiscent of NiGHTS, that I am aware; however there are also a lot of creatures in games that have appeared before and after NiGHTS that I have noticed share characteristics with SEGA’s character. It was not my main source of reference I am in fact seeing more of the Deadmau5 statue combined with the Pildit character from The Dreamstone right now. With all this in mind I decided to try and finalise the character a little more on graph paper, and if I liked what I got I would then build it in 3D to see what it looked like.

A more detailed sketching using the graph paper to help with proportions:

Figuring out the angels...

I rather like this, the only issue I have at the moment is the fact that the legs don’t quite look long enough. The idea behind it is that is a creature designed to leap and bound on different surfaces, yet the bottom half is a little too short for that, something I shall change I think when building this in Maya.

What colours...?

The other thing I have been thinking about is colour, I have been having problems coming up with a colour scheme, and so I tipped out my pencil case, look around the room for inspiration and started a colour doodle. I ended up with this a mixture of blues and greens that was found in the vase of bluebells on my desk. May not be appropriate for the gameplay mechanic I am trying to express, but it does give me a starting point to experiment from.

For now though I am going to spend a while using this as reference to build a character in Maya and see how it turns out in 3D.


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