The Standard Primitive Character

The final piece, I am not sure on the chest piece to be honest and I also think that the horns are not quite right in 3D, they looked okay in sketches but not in practice. I am also still unsure on how to render out correctly with Maya, so I am using screen shots to get the appropriate views. Not something that I am happy with, and also something I am a little surprised about, I think I may have spent too much time just trying to get used to creating something in Maya and have forgotten to return to the simple lecture on getting those creations rendered out in the best manner. I shall have to have a look into it later, for now I need to ensure that I have something to present more than anything else.

The Maya Model

I have also been having some issues with the parenting of the different sections of the body, as I have noticed that some areas start to deform when moved. Not something that is an issue for this static render, but something that will cause a problem when it comes to animating. I am wondering if the parenting route is the right way to go. For now it makes sense though and in the areas in which it does work it looks good. So perhaps there is just something I am doing wrong with the positions of the pivot points on the objects.

For now though this is what it looks like:

The Control Method

At first glance it does appear to be a lot to keep track of if I am going to be animating this, time will tell, for now I shall hand it in and work on figuring it out after tomorrow’s lesson.


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