Close to the Deadline

The animatic is done! Has taken several hours of nonstop work, the timing is off, there are things to re-do but have run out of time. Plus the Flash annoyance is growing and again the feeling of running out of time….

Key frames drawn in Flash to use as a guide for the Anamatic. (Click to enlarge)

This is also the final story board as I decided to approach things in an interesting fashion, one that worked for me at least. I decided that I would use two frames a second as that would be easy to place on the timeline as sixty frames. I then drew the character out simply using different layers and groups things together, while also incorporating a slight design change in the horns as it looked better when moving them. I then placed key-frames along the timeline and put the character into the position I wanted it to be in at that point. I then used the onion skinning feature to fill in the blanks.

I have to admit I ended up with a very crowded timeline with lots of key frames, and also ended up with a very steady moving character, but at least gives an idea of camera and character movement. It may also take longer to do in 3D as I may have to sort out the timing on the fly which means I shall be re-editing a lot, which is not the best way to go about it. Yet at the moment I think it is the best course of action as I am having a little issue in think in 3D while expressing it in 2D.


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