After Effects Editing

While using After Effects I am very much aware that I have barely scratched surface with what this program can do, and have also been encountering issues where I want to do something know that the program can do it then have been stuck and figuring out the right combo of clicks and buttons to get it done. Similar to the problems I have been having in Maya also, need to brush up more on textures have realised some issues with the renders as I have gone through editing, but getting too late to change it now….

Placing the frames as a sequence in AfterEffects, this way extra frames or effects can be added.

The use of After Effects though has made life easier by putting those different camera angles I rendered out in Maya, and as planned I have been able to easily add in extra frames when required or create a simple frame sequence in After Effects to essentially do what the program is called, add effects after the animation is rendered. The simple use of the blank screen in the animatic has been carried over to the final animation as it was an effective means of conveying the bubble pop. I was having issues animating the bubble deforming in Maya and was starting to get worried that I would have to re-work the animation so as not to include this feature. I then remembered the reason for the flash screen in the first place, as it was inspired by the end credits to animation The Dreamstone (Mike Jupp, 1990). The bubble that the character is inside pops and there is deformation and the bubble bursting but it is mostly conveyed through the screen going to white, a point at which the editors could also choose to place the production company ident when originally aired. I had been wondering where the idea had come from, it looks like it was that, but it works well. The only thing I wish to add right now is sound effects as that would help bring it to life more, either that or I have been looking over and over the same section of animation through the creation and editing that it has lost its appeal on me now.

At the editing stage it's annoying to realise that the blues did not render well.

Through this editing process though I realised that the blues are not as intended as they looked very different in Maya, however the bubble was kind of a happy accident when playing about with textures. Still very glassy, but it is not supposed to be a soap bubble but a bubble of unknown origin, hopefully it’ll pass off as a bubble like object through the way it moves. Wished I’d used a motion path trail for it, but instead stuck with key frames and using the graph editor for now, mainly to save time, and then learn program better later. More accurately the correct button presses to get program to do what I want it to, what I see it doing in my head.

Anyway I am now slowly putting things into Premiere as I am rendering them out from After Effects so as to create the final composition with intro and credits. I am also going to look into adding sound if I can, as I think it will help, it has never been my strong point though so it may not be very good, but I should at least give it a try.

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