The Final Composition

Putting everything together and adding some sound.

Not much sleep has been had getting this together…it has also been a learning experience as it is not like the one I used to know. I now remember back to the first animation project at Uni I was using After Effects and Premiere then too, and again this same feeling arose. Although things are feeling a little more comfortable thanks to that project, although I still seem to be falling back on knowledge gained at college…I really need to set myself small projects within these programs more often. I appear to have forgotten a lot over the last year and a lot of this year has been spent catching up on the lost knowledge. I hope the Java lessons at my last Uni haven’t replaced the software knowledge in my head, as I swear at times it feels like it.

Anyway I have also managed to add some sound thanks to a free disc on the front of ‘3D World’ (Future Publishing, May 2011) It was an impulse buy on the way home the other day and has proved to be very fruitful as it even had a ‘popping’ noise in the Foley sound effects section and a piece of ambient music that I think fits really well. The music is a little off on the timing but I don’t have time to go back and fiddle with the animation and re-render everything from Maya to make it fit. In total it has been around four days of painstaking repetitiveness and waiting for renders….

Also have been having issues trying to get the encoding right for the brief, square pixels and widescreen do not work it seems, plus the pre-sets don’t match up with the brief so have had to play about with all that too. All in all quite fun though as I have found a new little feature in the rendering options in Premiere that meant it was rendered better I think than the normal export movie option.

There we are done…although I am not sure I am completely happy with it, but that is always going to be the way. I have ended up noticing mistakes as I was editing and I have also learned a bit more about all the software pieces involved which makes me want to start again as I could polish it a bit more. Yet that would be if I had more time, which I do not, so I shall put this down to a learning experience.

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