The Evaluation

Animation was always something I was interested in as a child, from developing an interest in the different forms of animation I watched, to the first flip book animation I drew. Yet as I have gotten older and wiser and technology has advanced animation has become a slight thorn in my side as it has never been something that has come easy to me. No matter how much I wish it would, as I hate to admit that it appears I have a difficult time getting my head around it. However this project has certainly helped me realise that maybe I just haven’t been trying hard enough over the years, I have not been practicing enough, lack of time and knowledge has certainly prohibited that practicing in the past, but it shouldn’t do now.

This is the first thing that I would do if given this project again, as it is with practice that I have realised the mistakes and without it I have fallen into pitfalls that would have otherwise been avoided. Despite this I am proud of what I have made and I think that it does convey a sense of character and movement. Something I was not expecting as 3D has never been my strong point either. Yet after getting to grips with the software and learning how to create things in a more exact manner helped to refine ideas and make things easier on myself. As I do like to pride myself in neat work at the very least, which I have managed to do here in creating the character and working out timings, it does not always lend itself to a more free-form style I’ll admit. Yet making sure that things are the same size, that radius’ are noted and frame numbers calculated has made it easier to tweak and replicate work where needed. A form of methodical work that is I think is needed in animation, otherwise it goes awry.

Yet I also would have liked to have been working in a team on this one, as it would have lightened the load and helped in spotting mistakes that I have missed by looking at the animation too much too often. It would have been nice to bounce around ideas and come up with something that could have been much better. However with working on my own one last time I feel I have learned a lot more, which I may not have done if in a team and working to my strengths. This in turn should make me a better team member in future as I will at least have an understanding of a wide variety of areas as well as being good at ones in particular.

Overall I actually look forward to taking this idea further and developing it, as it is a nice culmination of some of my favourite influences new and old. I am also surprised at how much I enjoyed the typography part of this project – something that has always been of mild interest. I am also very happy with some of the results I came up with, although I should perhaps be more inventive as a lot of the characters that I created for that part of the project were imitations of real world creatures. I guess this ended up being reflected in the character I choose to animate in the end, as it was something from the imagination inspired by the world around rather than an imitation.

In reflection I perhaps did not take as big a risk and experiment as much as I should have, I did in another project just recently and it was out of my comfort zone and ability, and it did not do so well. With that in mind I am happy about the risks I did take, the biggest one of which was waiting for the muse to strike as it were, something that I can ill afford from now on. As trying to complete projects close to the deadlines is not the most enjoyable experience. However I would not have learned what I have without doing everything that I have done this time around.

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