Initial Sketches and Ideas

I am having difficulty with this project at the moment, it is not the lack of source material or references that’s for sure. However I do not seem to be that inspired at present. I am not sure if it is the room for interpretation on the brief or just my own lack of confidence when it comes to interpreting things in my own way. We are told not to play it safe and to experiment and play about while we are in Uni (as it’s an environment where you can get away with it more.)

So to take advantage of an unusual nice day with the sun out and no other plans I headed over the the park with my flatmate and sketchbook in hand. We set up camp near a tree with the intention to sketch, enjoy the sun and read. I also hoped that being outside would provide some inspiration.

Base of a Tree

However we were not to spend long in the park as a very unexpected rainfall was soon to follow, so we left and walked home in the rain. So when I got in I decided to play about with a drawing app from the Chrome web store while the park was still fresh in my mind:

Created in a sketch app called Harmony for Chrome.

As there was one thing I couldn’t help but notice with the leaves, they had a structure to them that looked like the profile of a tree. Maybe this could be explored as part of the macro/micro side of the brief?

Looking at the structure of a leaf.

This then got me thinking about the leaves of grass as buildings, a forest of skyscrapers, each with a raindrop made from glass as the house. Yet instead of them being the scale they were have it all to fit humans. The micro becoming macro – perhaps taking the brief to literally, but perhaps could lead to something, at least buildings that look like they are grown more than built.

I guess this is what the brief is asking us to do – however I am happy to just explore different ideas at the moment to see what I can come up with. As I also think we are being asked to consider the fact environments in games are often rather small and limited. The positions and relation to one another are not always thought out, not so much in newer games like Read Dead Redemption. Yet when things are done well you don’t tend to notice them as much when things are not done well. So perhaps it might be an idea to think about how the whole game world fits together even if the player will not actually see all of it – so it makes the transitions between environments all that more believable.

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