Leicester Botanical Gardens

Well the summer has gone a LOT quicker than I would have hoped. I certainly didn’t get very far with the Summer Project, a little lacking in ideas. However I did get a lot of reference images at the Leicester Botanical Gardens when I went to visit my family in the city. We spent the afternoon wondering around the gardens with me snapping up as many images as I could before my battery died on my camera. (I hadn’t charged it before I left.) So some of the photo’s didn’t come out too well but hopefully they will come in handy, if not for this project, but for future ones.

A few hundred photos for reference from the Botanical Gardens in Leicester.

I am particularly fond of the cacti and the Tropical House plants as they are all very different to what I see normally. Plus some of the shapes are certainly inspiring to be habitats. I can see it now the Cacti with small windows cut out of them to be nature’s skyscrapers.

One thing the Summer Project has taught me though is that inspiration needs to be tamed to work when I need it to and that I really need to project plan more and stick to it. I seem to be fine when it comes to planning group things when needed, but am terrible at doing it for myself. Need more discipline and motivation for when I am working on my own really, I am when working with/for others and I will get on with individual work when needed. Yet for some reason when it comes to projects like this or self set ones I take far too long over them or never get them done. Something that I am going to have to change if I want to have that portfolio at the end of Uni that is not just my Uni work.

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