Game Maker Project

Last term the course was set an interesting project as part of our ‘Post Digital Analogue’ module. For this we had a total of twelve weeks to write a design document for a game of our making and then create a level/prototype/vertical slice of the game. However what made it interesting was the catch…we were not to make the game we had designed. Instead the design documents would be handed over to another team (of the lecturers choosing) and then we would make someone else’s. This did also require a blog or development diary to be kept for the duration of both parts of the project but as this was a team effort it was easier for the other members and the tutors for us to use Blogger, that can be found here: Learning As We Go.

I saw this as good practice to not only write a decent design document so that someone else could follow and then create, but to also follow the other teams document. Ironically something that had not been encouraged before in either college or the first year of University.

So with a team of four it was soon established that I would be the one organising the project and writing up the design document in the first half, I would then continue my role as project manager in the second half along with quality control. However during the development of the game we came across some interesting technical difficulties so I soon found myself helping out and contributing to more areas of development that I originally planned. I even learned some GML scripting as well! However the game would not have come together like it had without the hard work of the team and more importantly it wouldn’t look as good as it did without the dedicated artists Niomi and Beth.

But without further ado here is the trailer for the game (a little rushed I have to admit):

Interesting concept and mostly development by my team too as we had such little to go on from the original design document. Which required us to not only develop the game but design it within the last six weeks of the project. The key points from the other team that we kept in mind were: Base it on ants, and make it like ‘Lemmings’ but not like ‘Lemmings’.

Screen shot of Antz on YoYo Games

Click image to go to YoYo Games to play.

It is best played with a graphics tablet as it was ideally designed for touch screen devices aka it will need further tweaking later on to make it mouse friendly. But for now we are all very happy with the final results considering the adversities we had to face as well during development. Personally I would like to revisit this and take the idea further and perhaps put it out onto the Android Market, but right now we are all a bit tired of seeing ants! That and the next two University projects are now under way, so it may have to wait till either the Easter or Summer holidays before work starts again on this. So for now consider this an alpha test that was made in about four weeks by a team with little to no knowledge of Game Maker…which reminds me I have my Kiwi game I now want to dust off and publish on YoYo Games too.


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