The Third Year is Upon Us

So far this summer I have spent a lot of time relaxing, not thinking, playing games, seeing family, reading books and generally pottering about the house and my computer. Having a spring clean of sorts around the place and re-installing and customising my laptop to get everything running as I would like so I am not tempted to tweak things as I go through the second year.

As nice it has been to have a summer completely off, the first one since sometime in 2000 I think, it has also made me fall into the procrastination trap. With the third year now here it is time to get out of that trap! After some much poking around on the University website I found the Summer Brief for the third years, it was not easy to find so I wonder if anyone else has found it as I don’t recall any e-mails about it up either. But then it appears that the Uni are upgrading a lot of their computer systems so I think a few things may have gotten lost.

Yet that is neither here nor there, realising that I need to have a draft copy of my dissertation and a game pitch for my final year project ready and written before term starts around the end of September certainly lit a fire under me and I now have the obligatory pile of books back on my desk rather than little craft projects, and I am re-reading my proposal again and realising that my dissertation topic might not work after the reading I have been doing on and off during the summer.

So in an effort to help focus and write my dissertation I decided to take the plunge and start writing about my ideas on this blog, a lot of my fellow students seem to think that it is a bad idea putting anything online for fear it will get stolen or copied. This has rubbed off on me a bit I think, but at the same time I do not see how else in today’s market you are to get yourself out there and known. The internet is a powerful tool that can be a great source of help as well as a hindrance. (Specifically the ‘Explore’ tab on Google Reader!) 🙂

So here goes, to the third year and hopefully beyond!


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