This week was enrolment at University for the last time, it feels weird, as in some respects it doesn’t feel like the last year, it feels as if it is still the first. Time has flown by very very quickly and I have not quite caught up.

What I have caught up on though is the work, for now, as it appears I was one of the only ones to notice the handy welcome back PDF on the Uni’s website. They updated over the summer and I found it while poking around the new site, in it it stated that the tutors would like to see a rough draft of the Dissertation on the first week back. This turned into them just wanting to know the subject that people were thinking of writing about.

This comes as a great relief for me, as although I was running on the assumption the former instruction was true I was behind. Some extra reading and lucky stumble when searching for something else lead me to a paper that has steered my dissertation subject in a slightly different direction. Nothing too major but it meant that a lot of the research I had done previously was not longer as relevant and other sources suddenly needed more attention. I guess this is the normal affair with Dissertations. ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway I have also found on the course Moodle page the apparent deadline for the Dissertation this year, this is not from the tutors yet but the School wide outline for which my course belongs to. Also seeing as the tutors only asked for subject areas I assume that they are running on this timetable, which means our course didn’t have a module shake up like we thought it would before the summer break. This does mean game development time now overlaps Dissertation writing time, but it does give more time for the Dissertation to be written. Which can be a bad thing, but for me it is a good thing, I enjoy writing but am over cautious at checking things due to the Dyslexia.

Anyway I need to start posting more to the blog about my Dissertation and gaming in general really, it feels as if someย tumble-weedย is crawling by over this blog at the moment! As for the final major project that is being recorded on a team blog and will be kept private for a while, but will be linked to when it is available. ๐Ÿ™‚

All in all I am looking forward to this year, and am very glad that I have Able and Cole food deliveries so there is a supple of fresh greens in the house as the advice for the third year from the tutors was to make sure you take vitamins and remember to sleep… ๐Ÿ˜›


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