Can I have a TARDIS please?

It is now several weeks into term and everything is full steam ahead on my and Niomi’s project, we recently took a trip to St Fagans, an open air museum just outside of Cardiff.

A very old house...

A small hint as to what we are working on at the moment. 😉

It was a really useful research trip and quite a nice day out as well, I haven’t been there in over ten years so it was nice to see that it hasn’t changed much but also expanded over the years. It’s not somewhere that can be explored in one day any more!

In regards to the final major project we are in the process of perhaps changing the technology that we are going to use to realise the idea, but we are not sure yet, it’s going to require another meeting with our course leader. After which I may be able to talk about it a bit more on this blog, as at present it is still on the private blog over on Blogger and Google Sites.

However everything is going to have to wait as I am off to GameCity7 in Nottingham tomorrow! One of the best highlights of the year and it is shaping up to be a rather fun and useful event this year as there are some developer sessions which tie into some of the Uni work we are doing now. 🙂 In any case it will also be a nice break and a chance to see friends and take some much needed time off before  the first crunch time of the year through November.

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