Busy Weeks and Long Days

Firstly I would like to apologise for the lack of GameCity Part 2 post, it is on it’s way I have had a very busy week this week with University work and a house that likes to swallow spare time. Sunday my usual day for catching up with blogs and things has been spent looking after my cat, who hurt herself today and needed my attention. I know I am breaking my rule of this being my work/games blog but she is important to me and occasionally an inspiration in my work. Although trying to draw a cat for part of my life studies drawing unit in the first year was perhaps a little too ambitious. 😛


She is just over sixteen years old and I saw her being born, she is an adorable creature with a very strong will. Sadly though she has cancer and it is not the kind that can be treated and all we can do is make sure she is comfy and happy in the time she has.

On a brighter note that time is beyond everyone’s expectations, including the vets, and she is still acting like the regal and kitten like cat she has always done. She still jumps up onto the garage roof to watch the birds, she still wakes me up at four or seven in the morning in a fashion not unlike Simon’s Cat, and if you don’t feed her at the times that she demands the meow can be heard through the whole house. She also likes to destroy toy mice and pull apart any cat toy that has a bell on it. 😉

She means the world to me and I am not looking forward to a time without her, but in the meantime I am going to to enjoy every moment when she is curled up next to me while I work or sitting behind me on the couch purring loudly into my ear. 🙂


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