Pondering Proteus

I have just spent the last hour playing through the wonderful Proteus by Ed Key and David Kanaga. I discovered the game at last years GameCity7 and it is something very hard to describe. It is a beautiful experience and I have found great enjoyment wondering around the pixelated landscape when I need to focus or unwind. I truly wish more games came with a mode to just walk through their environments, Flower being the first one that springs to mind. 🙂

Anyway to get a brief idea of what Proteus is like here is a short video of the event from Game City:

WILD PROTEUS GameCity 7 Live Event 2012 from Matt Taylor on Vimeo.

It is one of those games, digital play things, virtual experiences, that does not translate well into still image or the spoken word and really needs to be played. It’s officially released later on this month and I highly recommend getting it, or if you like the look of it the Beta is still available.

This game also got me thinking about the games that appeal to me these days, as I fear the selection is few and far between. Is it because I am getting old? Don’t have the disposable income these days? Or are the games made and released commercially just don’t seem to fit with what I want to play?

A mixture of all of the above I think, but finance is a huge factor, there’s no point getting excited about something if I can’t afford it right? Anyway I am glad that there is an alternative to the commercial route, as it’s great for the times when you want to play something a bit different. 🙂

P.S. Not saying that all commercial games are bad, I have also racked up many hours in Kingdom Hearts 3DS recently. It’s just the release schedules don’t seem as full of excitement to me as they once did during my ‘golden age’ of gaming. So I am very grateful to developers small and large for taking a chance on a game that a publisher may have said no to, and I would have said yes to. 🙂



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