Writing and Meet Ups

Today the piece of writing that has consumed my time for the past few months has been printed and bound. It is a huge weight of my mind and also a great sense of accomplishment to finally have finally finished my dissertation. I now look forward to spending some time off over the next couple of days and hopefully catch up on this neglected blog as well. 🙂

I did take an evening off  the other week to go to the Game Dev South Wales event in Cardiff. With speakers Kim Blake and Andrew Walsh and a chance to chat to some interested and talented people. It was good to hear from Kim Blake that Computer Science is now going to be an option in UK schools. I would have loved to have studied that at a younger age, so it makes me happy to know that my little brother will get the option. (I just hope that the education system improves more in general, but that is another topic entirely.)

The second speaker, Andrew Walsh, is a games writer and had a very interesting and entertaining talk. A lot of the points and problems he bought up were echoes of what Anthony Johnston and Kieron Gillien talked about as well. But it was fascinating to see the ‘math’ behind the amount of writing and dialogue design required for speech in something as simple as a racing game. It reminded me of my narrative based project I worked in in the second year of Uni, I soon realised that it was  a combination of narrative writing along with database design to create the project I had in mind. 🙂

After the talks I did meet some very nice people still studying and currently working in the industry, and we ended up chatting until the bar staff told us to leave. 🙂

All in all it was a very nice, informative and entertaining evening and my thanks goes to everyone who organised it.

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