Getting to Grips with Stencyl

Stencyl is a game creation program that I have been playing about in for the last year or so. Not solidly and I have been terrible at going back to it regularly, so every time I spend some time away from it I spend a lot of time familiarising myself with it again. I have recently been going through every decent tutorial I can find after going through the Stencylpedia ones.

Things are sinking in slowly, I have to admit that my small introduction to Java at my previous university helped with my understanding of some of Stencyl’s quirks. Such as the Attributes tab in the code block creation are the ‘public variables’ that are set in the start of the block of code. (At least I hope I have that right, I will never profess to have a good understanding of code, but hope that I have some of the basics drilled into my head now.

From the ‘Space Invaders’ tutorial I was quite proud to put this code block together and understand what each ‘line’ is saying:

Code for the Ship

Code for the Ship

Now I am making my way through the excellent tutorials done by Abigayl, something I should have done a lot sooner. However I have found that Stencyl likes to sneak up on you, just when you think you know what you are doing it turns out you have fallen down a large rabbit hole and are in fact lost again. So I am giving myself a quick refresher by starting at the beginning again. A little late on into the project, but better now than half way through a build of my final game which then breaks…


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