Development Trials

Using Stencyl is certainly a journey that is filled with ups and downs. My original little game idea is morphing and mutating as I learn more about the software. It’s not that my original idea is not possible to do in the engine it’s my understanding of the code that is holding me back. I understand how most of it fits together, but then there are times where I know how a section could be created but don’t know how to express that in the language that Stencyl can understand. Feels like I need an interpreter. πŸ™‚


Stencyl Cheat Sheet

I have created a small ‘cheat sheet’ as it were that’s on the wall behind my computer. Containing all the little things to remember when creating movement, collision groups etc.

It’s certainly helping when it comes to the way that Stencyl handles angles. Shame I can’t do the same with the code…

Otherwise the game is coming along well, I am just having fun and seeing what I can do now. The only thing that’s a key feature at the moment is the main character is a Kiwi. Alas I only have a few weeks left now and there is also a lot of admin left to do so I might have to scrimp on the game in places for the purposes of Uni just to make sure everything is done in time. This is down to me concentrating on the Dissertation over the project for quite a few weeks and the issues I have had personally wrapping my head around the code. Long hours of crunch time await now to get everything done, not a state I want to be in, but I am learning a lot so that’s the main thing. πŸ™‚


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