Rendering Time

There is one thing I have learned over the past couple of days that renders take ages!

So have been batch rendering out into .IFF files to then be placed into After Effects – best quality this way and I hav more control of the output. Also been doing batches of batch rendering, which means I have further cut it down so I animate a few seconds, get it complete then leave it to render for a couple of hours. I’ve then been After Effects to put it all together as it will import .IFF files then adding extra frames if and when needed, such as sorting out some timing issues. This has also allowed me to exploit the use of different camera angles in Maya so I have done one set of animation then rendered out two different camera angles of the action so as to then switch between the two for dramatic effect.

This has resulted in a lot of frames and files being used as seen below, but it has saved time as I have been able to create something a that I don’t think I would have been able to do in Maya alone.

A lot of stills rendered at high resolution that now need compositing.

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If at first you don’t succeed…

Today I have been mostly trying to get the character ready for animating; am currently not concerning myself with texture or colour at this time as I wish to get the animation done before thinking of such things, and also for time.

The one thing that I have noticed/done is to group and parent the character differently for animation, a change from the original rig set up. As previously mentioned parenting certain parts resulted in objects of the character deforming when moved. The solution was to do a combination of parenting and grouping, however either I am not use to this or it just isn’t an exact science as it feels as if once I get one section working another stops. So it is trial and error at the moment but so far it appears to be working well. Granted the method is more time consuming in the long run but I think it gives me a far greater realm of control that IK linking; something that was suggested in the last tech lesson, and I tested out on the legs of the character. I think it would have worked if my character was more human-esque than it is. However its characteristics did not lend themselves well to the IK process, I also tried parenting the objects to the bones of the IK link but I was still getting unwanted results with movement, so I stuck with the original method. With the grouping and parenting method though I have been able to move the pivot points of the characters ‘limbs’ to where I need them to revolve around it’s ‘joints’ in a way that I can’t currently do with the IK linking, but I fear that it may just be my lack of knowledge in this area that’s causing some of the problem too.

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