GameCity7 – A Week of Passion (Part 1)

It has now been a week since I came back from GameCity7 in Nottingham, the week has flown by as I have had University work, the flu and a cat that decided that a surprise vet visit was needed. Me and the cat are feeling a little better now though. ūüôā

The week of GameCity however went by even quicker and it feels like a dream already, it is a wonderful festival of games in all their forms that is organised by a group of very hard working and dedicated individuals. It is¬†attended¬†by some of the warmest and amazing people, and the speakers are always interesting and engaging. Above all though one thing stands out and that is how passionate everyone is about games, be that video, board, ARG etc. It what ever form play is central to our lives whether we realise it or not and once in a while it’s good to celebrate the makers, players and¬†enthusiasts¬†surrounding this very large and varied industry.

So I have written up all that I can remember here and provided links out to places, people and games when and where needed just in case you (the reader) don’t know of/or would like to know more. I apologise in advance for the length of this post, I have never been very good and staying concise. ūüôā But this is also for my benefit so I have everything in (nearly) one place to refer to later, as the one thing I learned from last year, it is almost impossible to try and remember everything otherwise. (Also I kinda hope this provides those that didn’t go, or couldn’t go a taster of what it’s like to take part in this fantastic event.)

Anyway here is my overview of GameCity 7! (Part 1 Рotherwise it is a very long post!)

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Can I have a TARDIS please?

It is now several weeks into term and everything is full steam ahead on my and Niomi’s project, we recently took a trip to St Fagans, an open air museum just outside of Cardiff.

A very old house...

A small hint as to what we are working on at the moment. ūüėČ

It was a really useful research trip and quite a nice day out as well, I haven’t been there in over ten years so it was nice to see that it hasn’t changed much but also expanded over the years. It’s not somewhere that can be explored in one day any more!

In regards to the final major project we are in the process of perhaps changing the technology that we are going to use to realise the idea, but we are not sure yet, it’s going to require another meeting with our course leader. After which I may be able to talk about it a bit more on this blog, as at present it is still on the private blog over on Blogger and Google Sites.

However everything is going to have to wait as I am off to¬†GameCity7¬†in¬†Nottingham tomorrow! One of the best highlights of the year and it is shaping up to be a rather fun and useful event this year as there are some developer sessions which tie into some of the Uni work we are doing now. ūüôā In any case it will also be a nice break and a chance to see friends and take some much needed time off before ¬†the first crunch time of the year through November.


It is now two weeks into term, and I have been fairly busy, what with the awesome Women in Games Jobs Conference last week and catching up with my old friend Angie it almost feels as if there has been no time for University. Yet me and my project partner Niomi have been working every spare moment on our final major project, and I have been having many meetings about my Dissertation with various tutors at Uni, as well as trying to get the large amount of writing I have done for it into some semblance of order!

All this of course has involved a lot of organising obviously, and its my favourite part of the year, it’s where I get to plan ahead and think about all the things that need to be done and sort out the most efficient and fun way of doing them. ūüôā ¬†This has its advantages and¬†disadvantages¬†of course as there is always a point where you need to stop organising and start doing, and it is a trap that I have fallen into in the past, but not this time as there has been a lot of doing!

This is mainly evidenced by the work that me and Niomi have done on our final major project at the moment,¬†codenamed¬†“Telling the Tales of Old” we have already sorted out the main chunk of our game idea, half a of the vast chunk of the¬†necessary¬†research has been done and we have set up the required blog and site to record all our hard work. We may have bitten off more than we can chew with this one, but we are enjoying the challenge. At the moment we are keeping everything under wraps until the Design Documentation has been handed in and we are working on the main prototype.

Due to all the coming and going and long hours working today has been a day off and I have been playing NiGHTS on the Playstation (not something I ever thought I would type!) and generally chilling out. But the organisation bug is a hard one to shake, so now I find myself at a late hour writing up blog posts and trying to sort out my business cards for GameCity 7 on

It seems that even on a dedicated to a day off I can’t help but work a little…a good thing and a bad thing I suppose, but at the start of the year and a project like the one I’m working on it is nice to have that flexibility right now. It’s like looking at a mountain in the distance…it all seems¬†fairly¬†easy to get there at this stage, but soon I will be at the foot of it wondering how to get up the steep hill, then there will the part were I am on the steep hill and will not be able to stop and start as I feel and just have to work hard and carry on. ūüôā (I may also have been listening to¬†Austin Wintory’s¬†Journey¬†soundtrack a bit too much while writing!)

Anyway for now back to the finishing touches of my business card and then onto writing up my trip to London.