Starting University

The clock tower above the university main entrance
The clock tower above the university main entrance

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Starting Uni is not a new experience for me, I did this all a year ago while enrolled on a Computer Science course at Sussex University. However it did not work out for various reasons, one being that I was aiming to high and trying to study something my brain clearly did not like. I am glad I gave it a go though and I did learn a lot about computers and myself while I was there; it also led me to shaking things up a bit in my life and coming back to my roots in more ways than one. I decided to leave the south coast of England that I had happily called home for over ten years and return to the south coast of Wales where I had spent the majority of my childhood. I am now enrolled on a more arts based course at the University of Newport and so far I am much happier than before and can’t wait to sink my teeth into a degree that is much more suited to me.

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