Idea Iteration Gone Awry

After the feedback in class today I have to admit that I am no longer that keen on my original idea, at least I got something in and I was technically proficient with the presentation of it. The colour scheme really didn’t work and I certainly was not going for grass-hopper with the design. I am now a little disheartened by it all, but this is the way of things. I have to admit I ended up sketching this out during the class instead:

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I was thinking that the original Kiwi character might work better and I could come up with a nice humorous short that would depict the Kiwi trying to cross the road safely, therefore also tying it back in with my old game project I created in college for the unit and the enjoyment of my little brother. Yet this does feel like a bit of an easy way out, and I am thinking that I should not abandon the other character so quickly and this late in as the animatic is due in a few days…should I really change the whole concept now?

Creating a Character

In trying to think of a character that isn’t the Kiwi I decided to collect together some of the things that I have been watching/playing/thinking about recently for inspiration. So I put together this small mood board to gain some inspiration.

Influences and Inspirations

A lot of it is from things that are surrounding my computer desk, such as the small statue of Deadmau5 and the vase of bluebells. The other things are books/games/DVD’s on shelves in my room, all in all lots of things to draw inspiration from. So I started sketching today and am thinking about a character that is there and not there at the same time. Something that exists in the corner of your eye in the time between dreaming and awake….yet it has to be made out of standard primitive; which should prove an interesting task to create something ethereal out of shapes that are seen as primary and blocky.

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Taking Too Long a Break

Well that was not the most productive of holidays ever in regards to Uni work, as I have spent far too much time chilling, hanging out with old friends and trying to shed my monitor tan with a real one! I have however spent some of the time sketching and trying to let character ideas brew in my head.

I have been having a tough time trying to come up with something, the NiGHTS deconstruct didn’t quite work in Maya in the end as I am still not comfortable using Maya and the deadline is fast approaching for the next hand in. Thankfully we have a small extension otherwise I would not be able to get anything in; it’s going to be a busy few days now.

I did however start the sketches for deconstructing NiGHTS into standard primitives over the holidays, and felt that I was starting to create a different character all together. More accurately it’s the myths and power of dreams and imagination that has been an influence on me since I was small. This game is just another part of that as it explores the reasons behind good and bad dreams etc.

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