Finalising the Idea

I have just started writing up the final Design Document! It is a combination of a lot of pen and paper notes and sketches and I wish I had started it sooner as it is certainly helping me finalise some of the gameplay aspects that I couldn’t quite verbalise before. In a perfect world I would have started it sooner but I guess you have to deal with it and I shall now enjoy that infamous crunch time in the next few days. Bring on the coffee!

The starting tops along with their power-ups.

The Final Spinning Top

These are almost final sketches of some of the key gameplay assets – as I had spent a long time trying to figure out building perspectives I almost forgot to revisit these more vital aspects. Updated and finalised versions of these should make their way into the final design document in the next few days. At least that is the plan but the hours really do feel as if they are spinning away from me at the speed of the Steam powered Spinning Top right now…. 🙂

Time Spinning Away

The past few weeks have been extremely stressful and I have not been able spend much time on this project, especially within the last week as there has been so much going on.

I have however been jotting down ideas whenever I have them, even if they are in the margins of other notes, it has helped as it has meant that I am drawing things out again and again and re-iterating some of the key gameplay elements to myself.

Yet I have not done enough and am worried that this project is going to escape me as the hours and days are passing by so quickly and I feel like I am never getting anything concrete done.

Time will tell but judging by how behind I feel right now I fear a short and sleepless crunch time is ahead of me near the end of the project….